Elisavet Goutman

Greece's new Cybersecurity Bill

Greece’s new Cybersecurity Bill A bill on cyber security, telecommunication privacy issues and personal data has been submitted to the Greek parliament. In particular, the bill aims at “ensuring the necessary balance between privacy protection and national security, within the constitutional frame and in the foundation of the best international policies.” Additionally, the bill strengthens the “citizen’s rights against the threats that are connected to the technological evolution”. The bill in question deals with issues of counter surveillance with the use of right tools, the foundation of Information Academy and counterintelligence and the setting of a stricter privacy frame.

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Massive increase in cyber attacks in 2022

Massive increase in cyber attacks in 2022 Universities, research centers, state and military services, hospitals, communication infrastructure and banks have received numerous cyberattacks in 2022; and the worst is yet to come. It is estimated that more than 1.000 cyberattacks per organisation take place throughout the universe, which is 38% more than 2021. In Europe in particular, the average number of attacks per target reached 1.000, with an increase of 26% when compared to 2021.

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