Welcome CS-Connect!

By Vittorio Scarano and the CERICT-UNISA Team December 15, 2022

Welcome CS-Connect!

In CS-AWARE-NEXT, the role of our unit, CERICT-Università di Salerno, is to design, develop and evaluate, a collaboration layer for the ecosystem, aimed to support the organisations in their activities toward improved security.

We are actually collecting all the requirements from the use cases and we have had very interesting discussions with the organisations in the ecosystems in Larissa and in Foggia, to find out what is actually needed to ensure adequate support to the ecosystem. And indeed, we have collected quite a few requirements, some of which were expected by us (aren’t we all collaborating on something after all) but many were surprising and stimulating. We cannot spoil them as they are going to be in the Deliverable that Workpackage 2 is creating by February 2023. For example, we cannot tell you that we are considering different scenarios that involve the ecosystem in different activities, with different tools and different support by the collaboration system. As well as we cannot tell you that a flexible visibility mechanism for the information shared will allow to accommodate different ecosystem with diverse cohesion. And, of course, we cannot tell you that the visualization of the system will be based on the CS-AWARE visualization but contextualized with the goal of the scenario. Sorry. What we can tell you now is what is the name of the tool! In fact, during the General Meeting in Wien, stimulated by the words, dubiously attributed to the Bard of Avon:

What’s in a name?

That which we call a rose

By any other name would allow smooth collaboration

and raise thy awareness of CS

William Shakespeare (?)

we decided that the name of the tool would be decided “by the people” of CS-AWARE-NEXT. So, we collected the candidates during the meeting, and in the last session we had an interactive session with Mentimeter tool to vote the winner and we got a winner!

Test Image

(CS-AWARE-NEXT) People have spoken! The new collaborative layer is named “CS-Connect”, as in CyberSecurity-Connect. Now, that we have a name, we can say that on March we will be writing here again of the requirements for CS-Connect, to discover many interesting and stimulating possibilities offered by ecosystem collaboration to improve the cybersecurity of the organizations.

Vittorio Scarano and the CERICT-UNISA Team