Information Society is leading the battle for Cybersecurity

By OTS June 18, 2024

Information Society is leading the battle for Cybersecurity

The Ministry of Digital Governance (MDG) in Greece is implementing a set of projects through Information Society for the protection of public bodies against cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity in the public sector is crucial for safeguarding sensitive information, ensuring the integrity of essential services, and maintaining public trust. Government agencies handle vast amounts of personal data and critical infrastructure, making them prime targets for cyberattacks. Effective cybersecurity measures prevent data breaches, protect national security, and ensure the continuity of public services. By investing in robust cybersecurity frameworks, the public sector can mitigate risks, respond effectively to incidents, and uphold the privacy and safety of citizens.

Τherefore, this action is derived from of the now well-established belief of the State that the constant adaptation, prevention and timely reaction constitute the strongest foundation for the effective development of an integrated strategy for dealing with cyberattacks.

In this context, Information Society recently submitted to public consultation a tender for strengthening cybersecurity in the public sector. The project has a total budget of 102 million euro, funded by the Recovery and Resilience Fund, and it is expected to be launched within the next few months.

The aim of the project is to provide uninterrupted and real-time (24/7) surveillance of the systems of four important entities supervised by the MDG (General Secretariat of Information Systems for Public Administration / GSISPA, e-Government Centre for Social Security / IDIKA, Land Registry, Greek Research and Technology Network / GRNET) by a specialized and internationally recognized provider for the prevention and managing of cyberthreats. The proposed initiative aims to strengthen the level of security for the important ICT infrastructure of the public sector.

The project has been designed and will be implemented by taking into account that all cybersecurity measures must focus on three (3) basic and critical factors:

The users. Users must understand and follow basic security principles, such as the proper management of passwords, exercising caution towards attached files and being able to judge which Sites look dangerous, making frequent backups and generally being properly informed in order to be able to recognize threats.

The procedures set by an organization. Organizations must have examined and implemented a framework for how users should deal with successful or failed cyberattack attempts.

Technological infrastructure. Technology is necessary so as to give organizations and their employees the tools they need to protect themselves against cyberattacks.

Source: Information Society