3 questions – 3 answers: The first CS-AWARE-NEXT Podcast

By Adamantios Koumpis December 12, 2022

3 questions – 3 answers: The first CS-AWARE-NEXT Podcast

We are happy to announce the first CS-AWARE-NEXT Podcast with Chris Wills!

Chris is Founder and Member of the Management Board of the CS-AWARE Corporation, and has worked as a member of the CS-AWARE project, leading the socio-technical analysis of the cybersecurity situations in the two major European cities that were partners in the project.

His specialist areas of interest are those of Socio-Technical systems analysis and design of cybersecurity systems, software process in safety critical systems and threat and risk assessment in ITC systems.

Here the questions:

  1. What is the special thing about the CS-AWARE approach? We are am aware that you promote it as not only a technical solution but a socio-technical, so tell us a few things about it!

  2. What we understand is that CS-AWARE offers not only a technology, but you try help the customers build competence and capacities themselves. Tell us more about the approach!

  3. Isn’t it more difficult this approach? If you sell a product or a service, people can buy than if you ask them also to co-create value from their side.

For the answers you have to listen to the podcast here.

Adamantios Koumpis and Chris Wills