The mission of CS-AWARE-NEXT is to address cybersecurity and collaboration within local/regional (intra-organisational and supply chain) networks, in concert with the multi-level European cybersecurity framework as defined by the European cybersecurity strategy. This is achieved through the integration of new methods and tools for provisioning of improved disaster preparedness, multi-level information sharing and advanced AI-based self-healing, to aid in recovery and business continuity of inter-dependent NIS sector organizations in an effort to better address cascading cybersecurity issues.


CS-AWARE-NEXT is designed to be a follow-up project to CS-AWARE, a successful H2020 project completed in August 2020. CS-AWARE provides an advanced real-time cybersecurity awareness and management framework and platform implementation for local public administrations and NIS sector organisations. The main features of CS-AWARE are a socio-technical and organizational focus, collaboration and skill building within the organization (e.g. between different departments), multi-lingual semantics support, real-time AI supported awareness and visualization utilizing threat intelligence, system self-healing and cybersecurity information sharing. A demo of the CS-AWARE platform is available on its web page. CS-AWARE was designed around the multi-level collaborative European cybersecurity framework (Figure 1) as defined by the European cybersecurity strategy of 2013 and subsequent legislation, e.g. the Network and Information Security (NIS) directive. A major outcome of the CS-AWARE project was the establishment of the CS-AWARE Corporation for facilitating the exploitation of the CS-AWARE project results and to bring the CS-AWARE platform to the market.