Information Sharing

Turning the Internet into a meaningful (data) space!

Turning the Internet into a meaningful (data) space! Last week I attended the works of the 1st International Conference on FAIR Digital Objects. One may wonder what FAIR Digital Objects are – and then visit the Web page of the Fair Digital Objects Forum to learn more. Before entering the details of what FDOs are, it may be worth to spend some little time and explain what FAIR is about. More and more projects and research ‘endeavours’ and ‘ventures’ take it as a prerequisite, that all data to be collected – processed – managed – stored should be FAIR.

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The world is changing…

The world is changing… … and startups are considered as agents of change. Young people now, as well as less young ones, quit their jobs ‘en masse’ and find substance and what each of us may understand in our own, individual ways as ‘meaning in life’ – this is what became to get known as the Great Resignation or the Big Quit. Many of us have been praised within conservative education and life cultures, feeling that taking risks is worth once you have a big organisation to support you.

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